Russell Brand Attacks Trump As ‘Stupid’ And Cruel On ‘The View’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Russell Brand attacked President Donald Trump during his appearance on “The View” Tuesday after co-host Joy Behar asked him to explain his Twitter feud with Trump a few years back.

“What happened was I met him [Trump], and therefore problems ensued,” the 42-year-old English comedian told the ladies on the ABC talk show. “I interviewed him for a documentary I was making about happiness and essence, and all the while he was talking I kept thinking ‘how are we in this big tower that this man owns when he is evidently so stupid’?” (RELATED: ‘The View’ Slams ‘Unstable’ Trump For Threat To ‘Totally Destroy North Korea’)

“Now, I kept trying to understand it,” he added. “Now, I don’t like being unkind to people so I already feel bad about saying that, but obviously this man sort of practices very much in cruelty, doesn’t he? It’s like his language.”

“So I was trying to analyze it and understand it,” he continued. “I’m a stand-up comic and I was doing jokes about it and then he heard that I said these jokes. Some of them are quite cheap.”

“So I criticized him,” Brand said. “And I suppose what he’s an emblem of, an economic model of inequality and privilege and now using that privilege to further disempower people and speak cruelly from the office of president. Like most people when he was running for president I thought this can’t actually happen. Then of course it did actually happen and now we’ve got to live with those peculiar consequences.”

“Not like it’s a problem if you support Trump because I imagine you’re identifying with the sense of rage and I understand people’s rage,” he added. “People are being blighted and cheated and swindled. It’s just the solution to this rage is not to move further apart, but to move closer to together, obviously. anyway, I criticized him and was rude. He does look as if he has thin skin except for the jowl area.”