Russian Fishermen Rescue Bear Cubs From Drowning

Liam Clancy Reporter
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Usually when “bear” and “Russia” is in the headline of an article, it isn’t nearly this cute.

Russian fishermen heroically rescued two adorable wild brown bear cubs from drowning, footage released Tuesday shows.


Using their fishing equipment, the Russian men pull the soaking wet cubs from the chilly water to the safety of their boat.

The bears then hitch a ride back to shore while resting quite cozily in the fishermen’s nets.

The two cubs were pulled from Lake Vygozero in the Republic of Karelia, a federal subject of Russia that borders Finland, PressTV reports.

The incident reportedly took place in late September. According to the WWF, about 100,000 brown bears live in Eurasia, and 70,000 of those bears live in areas formerly controlled by the Soviet Union.

It’s always nice to see hunters and anglers looking out for wildlife, and it’s good to know the love of bear cubs extends to even the most hardened Russian outdoorsmen.

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Liam Clancy