The View Host: Constitution Should Protect Us From Gun Violence [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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“The View’s” Sunny Hostin said Tuesday that she believes the Constitution is supposed to protect Americans from being victims of gun violence.


“The View” cohosts opined on the Las Vegas mass shooting, gun control, and Bill O’Reilly’s assertion that mass shootings are “the price of freedom.”

“Some senators voted against gun control measures and they’re still in office,” Hostin said. “So we used our voices to say it is bearable that 26-year-olds were killed.”

Hostin also took issue with O’Reilly’s comment and had an interesting take on the purpose of the Constitution.

“Bill O’Reilly said it yesterday, you know, ‘this is the price of our freedom,'” she said. “I say no, this isn’t the price of our freedom. This is what the Constitution is supposed to protect us against.”

Cohost Joy Behar agreed, claiming that people have “just as much freedom” in Canada but face almost “zero” shootings.

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