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What Is A Helix Tornado And How Can I Do It?

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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A helix tornado vape trick is basically when two tornadoes braid up to form a DNA-looking strand. This would occur after vapor is blown from your mouth, by using a specific hand motion to create the vapor shape resembling tornadoes in mid-air.

So, how do you do it?

First, you want to create a nice clean pool of vapor on a hard surface. A clear surface would be best suitable for this so that you are able to clearly see the vapor production. When you are attempting this first step, you want to take a vape draw into your mouth only and not a direct lung hit. This helps create a very thick vapor, one that has not been dissipated through your lungs which would then come out of your mouth very thin. After taking that mouth hit off of your vape, bring your head down to where your mouth is almost touching the hard surface and push the vapor out onto it. The trickster indicates you must blow a little hard at first, but then slowly, until a vapor pool is produced on the surface.

Now for the second step. Once there is an even pool of vapor on the surface, you will want to take your hand, forming it flat and straight with your fingers facing downwards as much as you can. This helps to create the space you need in between where your hand touches the surface. Your pinky finger and the side of your palm should be touching the surface, leaving a space right in between. The two points that touch the surface will help form the two tornadoes you need to complete the helix tornado trick. After forming your hand properly, you will need to slide it forward into the vapor pool and twist your hand so that the palm of your hand is facing upwards, following through to where your hand is above your shoulder. It should be done all in one motion.

With some practice, you can show your vape friends the new trick you mastered.

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