Alex Morgan Does Not Sound Like A Fun Drunk – Taunts The Police

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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More details have emerged about American soccer star Alex Morgan getting kicked out of a Disney bar, and they’re not great.

Morgan got the boot from Disney World’s Epcot Center on Sunday for allegedly being really drunk, and she didn’t take it too kindly in newly emerged details.

TMZ reported:

Now, it seems Morgan’s entire group was HAMMERED — with Morgan allegedly bragging that she knows the Orlando SWAT team in an effort to pressure officers to let her go. 

The report, filed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, says they were initially called to the U.K. pub around 8:20 PM after MLS player Giles Barnes cut in front of another patron in line and got into a verbal argument. 

The deputy noted that Morgan was especially out of control — “yelling, screaming and taking video and possibly pictures.”

“She appeared to be highly impaired. Deputy Johnson heard Ms. Morgan make a loud verbal statement that she knows the Orlando SWAT team.”

There is nothing worse than the people who pull the card about who they know, who they are or who their parents are. I hate absolutely nothing more in this world than those people. Can’t stand them.

Having said all of that, dropping a line about how you know the SWAT team is a whole new level. I can’t tell if I love this move, or if I should lump it in a with all the people I hate. She’s essentially telling the cops she’s not leaving so they might as well call a SWAT team, right?

If that’s the move then I have to kind of love it. She is ready to get into a standoff before getting kicked off. That’s something I can get behind. However, she’s very stupid if this is just her dropping names.

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