Auburn Fans Should Be Very Careful Before Going Down The Path Arkansas Did

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It looks like Auburn football fans might possibly want to see their program meet the same fate Arkansas did.

As everybody knows, Arkansas was flying high and proud a year ago. It looked like Bret Bielema had the program headed in a championship direction. Then the fans and his wife did the unthinkable. They attacked, a war of words broke out, ESPN got involved and his program nose dived. His days as the coach of the Razorbacks will likely be over sooner than later. I hated to destroy their program, but it had to be done after many warnings. They just didn’t want to listen.

Well, apparently Auburn fans are eager to meet the same fate after a popular Tigers Twitter account and their fans went after me last night for calling them dumb.

In fact, not only did they attack my “sports” coverage, but the Auburn fanbase apparently also has a problem with attractive women. Very suspicious.

I hate to say I was proven right, but kicking off a war without examining my past body work against Arkansas is the very definition of dumb. It’s like watching one kid burn his hand on a hot stove, and then proceeding to touch it yourself just to make sure. Would anybody call the second kid a bastion of intelligence?

It’s football season, and I know feuds are bound to happen in the sports world, but I only have so much time in my life. I can’t possibly be feuding with two SEC teams, but like all heroes, I will do what must be done no matter what the cost is. These fans will think Harvey Updyke was an upstanding citizen by the time their program mirrors what has been done to Bret Bielema and Arkansas.

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