Going To A Sex Toy Party, Ladies? Men Don’t Judge — Woman Do!

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College-age women are more judgmental of those that attend adult novelty or sex toy parties than their male peers are, according to a study on the demographics of party attendees.

New Mexico State University’s Michael J. Marks and Kasia Wosick found that men are generally more accepting of sex toy parties than women are in their study “Exploring College Men’s And Women’s Attitudes about Women’s Sexuality and Pleasured via their Perceptions of Female Novelty Party Attendees,” PsyPost reported.

Marks and Wosick asked 438 undergraduate students to read from a sales catalog that displayed products, one section for a traditional kitchen party and one for a sex toy party. The students then had to complete a survey to stereotype the type of women that would attend each type of party. Female students classified the women who attended sex toy parties as less traditional, more insecure and more promiscuous than women at the kitchen parties. Though it may sound expected, there seems to be an open criticism of the word toys in sex.

“I think the most interesting take-home message is that women were their own harshest critics, and what can we do, as a society, to change this?” Marks said. “Although sex toy parties are billed as ‘by women, for women,’ female participants, overall, rated sex toy party attendees more harshly than men.”

Marks claimed that one issue tampering the results was that the attendees were hypothetical, and he said that society needs more “ecologically valid studies” regarding women that “actually attend these parties.”

The researchers believe that there must be new ways to improve the “perceptions of women’s sexual desires and pleasure.”

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