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How To Turn Your Thick, Milky O Into A Triangle

YouTube screenshot/Vape Capitol

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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In order to pull off a “Triangle,” first you must be able to blow an O. Not just any O, but a nice, milky, dense one. One that is very thick while in mid air. To get the dense O you are looking for here, you must take a mouth hit, not a direct lung hit. A mouth hit will keep the vapor production thick, instead of having it dissipate through your lungs.

Next, comes the more difficult part. Once a thick O is blown, you will want to push it from behind just a little bit, but not by touching it. The pressure and momentum from behind will help drive the O in a forward motion. Then take a hand and place it right beside the O. At this point, you will create a hand motion that will naturally change the shape of the O. Here you will need to move your hand in an up and down motion. By doing so, this causes the O to spin, while it resembles a triangle in mid air. It is almost as if you are spinning the O, just not by touching it. The momentum of your hand’s motion creates the air circulation for the O to change its shape.

There you have a Triangle! Can you master it?

WATCH How To Do The Traingle: