Joe Scarborough Suggests Gun Manufacturer Conspiracy [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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On “Morning Joe” Wednesday, cohost Joe Scarborough stopped just short of floating a conspiracy theory that gun manufacturers like mass shootings because they can make money off of them.


A guest on the show was sharing information about Stephen Feinberg, who owns a group of gun manufacturers such as Remington, because gun stocks went up after the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Scarborough immediately started to make a connection between mass shootings and gun manufacturers making more money, seemingly suggesting that gun manufacturers are fine with mass shootings because it helps their bottom line.

“So let me just ask you, so, children get slaughtered in Sandy Hook, stock prices go up, Stephen Feinberg gets richer?” Scarborough asked.

“Ostensibly,” the guest responded.

“So, when people get slaughtered going to a country music concert then what you’re telling me are he and his company get richer. Every time Americans are slaughtered by these weapons–Stephen Feinberg gets richer every time Americans are slaughtered by this weapons that he makes money off of?” Scarborough asked again.

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