A Reminder That Jimmy Kimmel Wasn’t Always The Liberal Hero He Currently Is

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Late night host Jimmy Kimmel may be the latest celebrity anti-Trump favorite, but old clips of him show a persona that might not sit well with his feminist fans.


In one 2002 skit from “The Man Show,” which Kimmel co-hosted with Adam Carolla, the two men mock porn rentals, cracking jokes about foreign cashiers.

“Compared to the twisted third-world pornography they had in their native hellhole, ours is snow white. Combine that with a limited grasp of English, and you’ve got a judgment-free rental experience,” Kimmel says, before handing porn tapes to an Asian man.

Another skit features a number of young women jumping on trampolines. Co-host Carolla says, “Serve us up a nice steaming hot plate of panty!”

Several of the women remove more clothing and a few flash the camera, as Kimmel, Carolla and a crowd of other men jeer and watch.

At one point, two women are jumping while wearing longer skirts that covered most of their legs, prompting Kimmel to ask, “You had to wear the long skirts, huh?”

Carolla also makes a joke at one point about a woman’s name rhyming with “oral queen,” to which Kimmel laughs and says, “That too!” At another point, Kimmel pretends to beat up a man who apparently said “no” to a woman wanting to show her breasts.


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