Geraldo Rivera: Manufacturers Of Bump Stocks Should Be Held Liable [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News senior correspondent Geraldo Rivera said Friday that he believes manufacturers of bump stocks or suppressors should be held accountable for criminal actions of their customers.


“Regardless of your last point that you can do…you can improvise your own bump stock,” Rivera said, “I think manufacturers who create devices like bump stocks or silencers or other devices that have no reasonable utilization…other than to be more efficient killing machines…I believe those manufacturers of the bump stocks should be held liable when they are used—-those bump stocks and other similar devices–to inflict damage on others.”

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had two bump stocks in his possession when he was found dead in a Mandalay Bay hotel room after killing 58 people and injuring close to 500 at a country music festival. (RELATED: The Vegas Shooter Had Two Bump Stocks In His Room, Here’s What That Means)

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