STUDY: Obama Had 740 Percent More Positive Media Coverage Than Trump

Justin Caruso Contributor
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A study on the media coverage of different presidents shows an extreme difference in the way President Trump and President Obama were covered.

Pew Research Center tracked early media coverage of the 4 most recent presidents and released its findings in a report this week.

Only 5 percent of the coverage of President Trump’s first 60 days had a positive assessment. In comparison, President Obama’s first 60 days had 42 percent of its coverage containing a positive assessment, meaning that Obama had 740 percent more positive coverage than Trump early on in his presidency.

Trump also had 210 percent more negative coverage.

38 percent of Obama’s coverage was neither positive nor negative, while only 20 percent of the coverage was negative. The majority of the coverage of Trump–62 percent–contained a negative assessment. 33 percent of Trump’s coverage had neither a positive nor a negative connection.

The difference between the coverage of Bill Clinton and George Bush was more measured. Clinton enjoyed 27% positive coverage, while Bush had 22%. Both presidents had a 28% negative coverage.

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