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This Is How You Can Pull Off a Dragon’s Breath

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Dragon’s Breath is a very easy vape trick to master once you get the technique down. Many of the other tricks we have looked at are more on the advanced side and take quite a lot more practice. Dragon’s Breath can be completed simply by positioning your mouth correctly while exhaling, and at the same time exhaling out through your nose. To complete this trick, you must have four vapor exhale trails: 2 through your mouth (1 on each side) and 2 through your nose (1 through each nostril).

The first part comes natural to vapers. You will simply just vape as you normally would, by taking an inhale. The key here is that the inhale must be taken into your lungs. The lung inhale will help complete the trick at the end. So, after taking an inhale, you must close the middle part of your mouth, so that there is enough space on either side of your mouth to exhale vapor out of. By keeping your lips touching in the middle of your mouth and expanding your cheeks outward a little (as the trickster puts it, “widen your smile!”) you will create the space needed to blow the vapor out of those 2 places.

The second part is even easier. This is when you will exhale through your nose. Of course, there is no need to position your nose, because it already comes equipped with 2 places for exhale.

You will combine both the first and second steps to complete the Dragon’s Breath.

  1. Take a lung inhale
  2. Position your mouth accordingly and exhale out through your mouth and your nose at the same time.
  3. 4 direct flows of vapor production resembling a Dragon’s Breath will flow.

At first, you may exhale too hard or too soft, which will break up the vapor production immediately, as you exhale. But, by practicing the proper technique, 4 even trails of vapor should flow and be clearly noticeable.

Can you pull off a Dragon’s Breath?!

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