MSNBC Panelist: ‘Far-Right’ Christians Want To Put Women ‘Back Into The Kitchen’ [VIDEO]

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A guest on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Saturday said that “far-right” Christians want to put women “back into the kitchen.”


Sirius XM’s “Director of Progressive Programming” Zerlina Maxwell said, “If we were talking about this in another context, conservatives have decried and feared Sharia law, the coming epidemic of Sharia law, but this is religious tyranny, but of a different kind.”

“A small minority of Christians on the far-right who have a very ideological goal in mind, to essentially put women back into the home, back into the kitchen, and back into what they deem as their proper place in society, which is not the freedom to be able to determine when and how they want to have children. So let’s be clear on that. If this was Muslims demanding that women do particular things based on their religion, Donald Trump would not be agreeing with that. He would not be in the rose garden saying that those people were victims of discrimination,” Maxwell added.

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