Trump: ‘Bad Player’ Iran Is ‘Going To Be Taken Care Of’ [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump addressed Iran in an interview that aired Saturday, calling them a “bad player,” that will be “taken care of.”


Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, on his new TBN show, asked Trump about whether he will keep or scrap the Iran deal.

Trump promised more information about the Iran deal “a few days from now…a week and a half to be exact, you’ll see exactly.”

He also said, “I can tell you I’m very unhappy with the deal. I’m very unhappy with their attitude. The spirit of the deal certainly is not there because they’re all over the place causing trouble.”

“They are literally causing trouble, predominantly in the Middle East. I believe they’re funding North Korea, I believe they’re trading with North Korea, I believe they’re doing things with North Korea that is totally inappropriate–that doesn’t pertain to the deal, but in my opinion it does, because it’s called the spirit of a deal.”

The president continued, “You will see what I will be doing in the not too distant future, but Iran is a bad player and they will be taken care of as a bad player.”

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