CNN’s Wolf Blitzer CAN’T STOP Asking About Russia In Interview [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN host Wolf Blitzer repeatedly asked about Russia in an interview with RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel Monday.


Blitzer asked McDaniel, “What’s your reaction to the news reports that are out there now that Russian-linked Facebook ads specifically targeted voters in Michigan in the presidential election in 2016 to hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to create some chaos and in the end, to help Donald Trump?”

“The biggest damage done to Hillary Clinton’s campaign was done by Hillary Clinton in Michigan,” McDaniel responded. “She didn’t show up in our state. She ignored Michigan. She flew over the issues that mattered to people in our state. She didn’t talk about trade. She didn’t talk about better wages. She didn’t talk about Obamacare and most importantly, she didn’t show up.”

“President trump came to Michigan over and over again. His message resonated and that’s why he won this great state of Michigan.”

Blitzer said that Trump “barely” won Michigan in the election before asking again if Russian Facebook ads affecting the election. (RELATED: Russian Election Ads Made Up 0.0000037% Of Facebook’s 2016 Ad Revenue, 0.00027% Of Political Ads)

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