Dove Apologizes For ‘Racist’ Ad Following Outrage From Race-Baiting Trolls On Social Media

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Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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Dove just can’t score any wins with progressives. This weekend, the company apologized for an advertisement that some on social media falsely claimed was “racist.”

The three-second GIF advertised Dove’s body wash product. Introduced with the line “Ready for a Dove Shower?” the ad was intended to say that the product could work on any type of skin.

The ad, which depicts a black woman taking off her shirt to unveil a white woman underneath, who then takes off her shirt to reveal a South Asian woman, was taken out of context to remove the last woman.

It prompted widespread outrage on social media from race-baiting trolls like Tariq Nasheed who claimed that the ad was an example of “white supremacy.”

Dove apologized for the ad, saying it “missed the park” in its representation of black women.

Dove has been a staunch promoter of progressive causes. Earlier this year, Dove promoted a transgender woman, who was previously a man, as the mother of a child.  The ad was criticized by right wing vlogger Mark Dice, whose Facebook account was suspended for his video response to the ad.

In late May, the company also released a series of bottles with different shapes to reflect the diversity of women’s body types. Huffington Post called it a “major step backwards for a brand that’s always been big on body positivity” because highlighting the different body types offended feminists, who said it wasn’t inclusive.

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