Reinforcements To All Of You Whose Facebook Walls Were Anti-Columbus Today [VIDEO]

The Daily Caller
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Forget what you hear in the news and the class room.

Forget the presumptive appeals by people who think they know better.

With the rush to rename Columbus Day, Indigenous People’s Day, it’s time for a reminder.

We are a nation that has always rewarded the bold the brave, the daring, the innovators, and the explorers 

What’s next? do we rename the Lombardi Trophy after Hank Stram? Look him up. 

America’s spirit is to celebrate the men and women who took on great risks, discovered great things, did what no one else thought possible. Columbus sailed for the end of the Earth, and he discovered the Americas.

With that discovery, he sowed the seeds of the world’s greatest country, a beacon of hope for the suffering and downtrodden across our entire planet.

When we celebrate Columbus, we celebrate not just the man but the spirit that made that possible.

The spirit that brought us one step closer to the United States.