RNC Chair: Access Hollywood Tape ‘Not Comparable’ To Weinstein Scandal [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel argued Monday that President Trump’s comments on the Access Hollywood tape are “not even comparable” to the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.


After The New York Times revealed that there were decades of sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein, critics of Trump and the RNC pointed out that Trump also disrespected women by saying in a leaked Access Hollywood tape that he would “grab them by the pussy.”

Blitzer raised this criticism to McDaniel during her Monday interview on CNN.

“It’s not even comparable, though,” McDaniel asserted. “Harvey Weinstein brought women into his hotel rooms–I mean, even to make that comparison is disrespectful to the president. He didn’t have eight settlements, he didn’t have women coming forward saying what Harvey…I mean, Harvey Weinstein admits that he did that.”

“There were plenty of women who made accusations [against Trump],” Blitzer argued.

“Here’s the difference, Wolf: the president apologized for [his comments] and many Republicans came out and said those comments weren’t appropriate,” McDaniel doubled down. “The difference is Harvey Weinstein is a major funder for the DNC…and he has admitted to these instances where he put women in completely inappropriate situations.”

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