$5,000 Colombian Vacation Includes Unlimited Sex On A Yacht With Hookers

Colombian Vacation (Credit: Screenshot/Vimeo promotional video from http://sexisland.co/)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A Colombian vacation company is taking the internet by storm for offering a four day vacation that includes unlimited sex for $5,000.

Sex Island is offering customers the “one time experience” of jetting down to South America to have unlimited sex with Colombian hookers. It’s a scenario the writers of “Westworld” might not have even been able to think up.

Here are a couple items the package includes:

  • Each guest receives one ticket, which includes the company of 2 girls each day for unlimited amounts of sex. There will be 60 girls to choose from. At any moment you can switch girls with the other 30 guests.
  • Our event allows for all types of drug consumption and our girls are drug friendly.
  • Each day we will have incredible surprise sexual events, including partying on our luxury yacht, live sex shows, etc!
  • All the girls serve to please and make you feel like a king. If you have any special desires or fantasies, inform the host or the girls and they will make sure to fulfill them. All our girls are tested and free of any sexual diseases. There is a strict condom usage policy, and we have an unlimited amount of condoms.

I almost didn’t think this was real when a coworker sent me the Maxim article this morning. The promo video can’t be embedded, but is unreal.

How is this legal? I know that South America is kind of a lawless land, but I never envisioned you could just slap down $5,000 and have an unrestricted orgy with hookers on a private island and yacht.

I feel like this has to be explored, for the purposes of journalism, obviously. The people up here in America have to know what is going on down in Colombia. It’s important to bring the people the news, and if that means I have to travel south of the border, then so be it.

Also, what are the odds there aren’t criminals nearby just waiting to snatch up Americans headed to an orgy island? I’d put those odds pretty high.

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