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Now Mama Allred Is Going After Harvey Weinstein

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Famed attorney Gloria Allred is holding a press conference Monday to unveil a new Harvey Weinstein accuser. It’s the least she can do since her daughter, Lisa Bloom, tried to mess with a lifetime of work repping women who have allegedly been harassed, abused, drugged and assaulted by men.

Three days ago, attorney Bloom dropped Weinstein like a hot potato. As his advisor, she lamely tried to reason away his bad behavior using the tired “old dinosaur” defense.

At 11 a.m. (PST), Allred is swooping in to repair the damage brought on by Bloom’s poor choices.

The presser will introduce the world to yet another new Weinstein accuser. She’s a former actress and screenwriter who is alleging sexual harassment she says she endured when she met Weinstein. This is the first time that this accuser has spoken to the press about what she claims she experienced with him. Allred plans to issue “a challenge” to Weinstein to “provide justice” his victims.

Well this is an amazing turn of events since Bloom left Weinstein’s team.

Perhaps mom and daughter should chat more often?

You know, maybe a little mother-daughter powwow before inadvertently ruining her daughter’s BIG plans for Weinstein to turn her book into a miniseries. Then again, maybe Bloom might not want to defy her own and mother’s sexual harassment niche and not spit in the face of both of their careers.

Allred has denied criticizing her daughter’s choice to advise Weinstein.

“I am proud of my daughter,” she told KPCC. “And all the reports that somehow I’ve condemned or criticized her are absolutely false. She’s a professional. I’m a professional. And we do what we believe is best.”

Allred’s storied career includes representing a slew of women who have suffered at the hands of men. The cases are endless. She repped 28 women who were allegedly sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. You may also remember that she was the attorney for Amber Frey, a former girlfriend to alleged murderer Scott Peterson, who was found guilty of killing his wife, Laci, and their unborn son. Peterson sits on San Quentin’s death row. She also repped Tiger Woods‘ alleged mistresses Rachel Uchitel and porn star Joslyn James.

But Bloom had a problem: an insatiable desire for success.

This was back in April:

Like her mother, Bloom’s career has also focused on repping women who have suffered at the hands of the nation’s most famous alleged sexual harassers that have included ex-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly as well as a piece of the Cosby sexual assault pie. She also represented comedian Kathy Griffin after Griffin dangled a bloody President Trump head and got crucified for it.

In an interview last week with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Bloom made herself look like a fool — hence the reason her mom needs to fly in and save them.

“See, you have to understand that, yes, I’m here as his adviser,” Bloom told Stephanopoulos. “I’m not defending him in any sexual harassment cases — there aren’t any sexual harassment cases.”

“I’m working with a guy who has behaved badly over the years, who is genuinely remorseful, who says, you know, ‘I have caused a lot of pain.’”