REPORT: Vegas Shooter Shot Incendiary Bullets At Fuel Tanks

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Justin Caruso Contributor
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A new detail has emerged about alleged Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s attack on a country music concert.

According to CNN, Paddock fired special bullets designed to cause fires at a fuel tank at an airport near Mandalay Bay.

It was previously reported that he fired at the tanks, which were about 1100 feet from the concert. (RELATED: Report: Las Vegas Shooter Targeted Aviation Fuel Tanks)

The shooter may have been trying to create an explosion, possibly killing many more than he could just by shooting down below at the concertgoers. However, CNN reports that the airport claimed in a statement there was “almost zero likelihood” shooting at the tanks could make them explode.

Over a week later, there is still no apparent motive for the worst mass shooting in American history. Despite a claim of responsibility by the Islamic State, there exists no evidence to prove this is the case.

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