Alex Morgan Implies Police Officers Are Racist During Alleged Drunken Tirade

David Hookstead | Reporter

Police video has been released of American soccer star Alex Morgan being kicked out Disney World’s Epcot Center, and at one point, she implies police officers are racist.

“You guys are lying right now. I can’t imagine what black people go through,” Morgan told police when they asked to see her identification, according to TMZ Sports.

A police officer off camera can be heard saying “Wow,” following her statement.


Morgan and her friends were removed from the park after she was allegedly drunk and out of control. At one point she even referenced how she was friends with the Orlando SWAT team, which seems like a weird thing to bring up while being removed from a bar.

This is not a great look for Morgan at all. Also, what point is she trying to prove? They simply asked to see her identification and her response was about how bad black people must get it from the police.

She owes those police officers a serious apology, and a short suspension from the women’s national team has also probably been earned at this point.

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