FLASHBACK: Ben Affleck Does Entire Interview With Reporter Sitting On His Lap

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Some disturbing video clips of Ben Affleck have resurfaced after the Hollywood star issued a statement condemning the behavior of Harvey Weinstein, who he’s worked with for years.

Affleck has already apologized for one instance in which he groped Hilarie Burton on live television back in 2001. But now another video has come to light via TMZ in which Affleck did an entire interview with the reporter sitting on his lap and his hands all over her.

The clip comes from an interview with Canadian reporter Anne-Marie Losique ahead of the release of his 2004 drama “Jersey Girl.”

Throughout the interview Affleck puts his hands all over her and says countless inappropriate remarks to the young reporter, all-the-while imitating her French-Canadian accent. Losique laughs throughout the interview and appears to enjoy the attention from the actor, but that’s no excuse for Affleck’s behavior.

The most disturbing moment in the interview comes about four minutes in when Affleck mocks people suffering from cerebral palsy.

The attention towards Affleck follows countless allegations against Harvey Weinstein, who has allegedly used his position of power to sexually harass women in Hollywood for decades. Judging from this video with Affleck, it would appear that Weinstein is not the only one.