‘HOLLYWOOD’S SHAME’: Tucker Blasts Media Over Weinstein Silence [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson blasted the entertainment industry and news organizations Wednesday night who knew about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct but kept quiet about it.


Carlson said, “His friends in the movie business and in progressive politics tend to be stunned and aghast at all of this. ‘This isn’t the Harvey Weinstein we knew!’ they claimed an anguished interviews arranged by their publicist. It’s exactly the Harvey Weinstein they knew…”

The Daily Caller co-founder added, “Most are now saying how shocked they are. Please, they all knew. A couple of them called The New York Times in 2004 on his behalf to stop an expose on his sexual harassment. They didn’t know the truth then? Of course they did. That’s why they killed the story. NBC news had the story months ago but they didn’t run it.”

Weinstein has been accused of a variety of sexual abuses, from harassment to rape.

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