Missing Summer Yet? These Sexy Pro Surfers Are [SLIDESHOW]

Anastasia Ashley (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

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Professional surfers hit the beach no matter what season it is, but they probably prefer the summer months just like the rest of us.

While the waves continue to roll throughout the year, the colder temperatures force these girls to cover up a little more than they’d like to. And I wouldn’t know from experience, but I’m guessing a bikini is a whole lot more comfortable than a wet suit. (RELATED: Anastasia Ashley Must Have Been Cold In This Swimsuit)

Even if you don’t surf yourself, you should probably start paying a little more attention to the sport, at least when the women are out there on the water. Not only are these girls incredibly talented, but the nature of their sport requires that they wear a swimsuit. At least, in the summertime it does.

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