This Robotic Vacuum Isn’t A Roomba, But It Is $100 Off Today

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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The Daily Dealer has long been a fan of robotic vacuums. We have written frequently about Roombas, which we love. But we do not necessarily love paying $600 to $900 on anything, let alone a cleaning device.

But only $300? That’s much more reasonable. That’s the price of a regular upright vacuum cleaner, one that isn’t self-aware enough to avoid obstacles nor controllable via smartphone app. Yet, today only, this robotic vacuum cleaner is $100 off, and is therefore available for that $300 price:

Normally $400, this robotic vacuum is 25 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $400, this robotic vacuum is 25 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

RolliBot LE-601 Top Ranked 3D Laser Mapping LASEREYE Robot Vacuum on sale for $299.99

This so-called LaserEye machine promises you will “never again miss a single speck on the floor.” Why? Because “LaserEye utilizes state of the art laser mapping to actively locate wall and furniture positions, so it won’t get lost even when you rearrange rooms.” Check out all these features:

– Ultrasonic laser sensor helps scan and analyze surroundings to create maps and determine how best to clean.
– Cliff sensor trio detects drop-offs like stairs and other bi-level spaces to prevent falls.
– Internal memory system actively stores and updates information about surroundings.
– Minimal noise so it’s quieter than a traditional vacuum.
– Preinstalled rechargeable lithium-ion battery with enough power for a 120 minute cleaning spree.
– Spot or auto cleaning functions for the best clean every for every space.
– Edge brush helps draw debris in towards the powerful fan for clean-up.
– Automatically returns to its charging base after a job well done.

In the future, no one will ever have to waste time manually pushing a vacuum cleaner around their living room. For you, that future of hands-free cleaning can come today, with the LaserEye.

Effortless cleaning (Photo via Amazon)

Effortless cleaning (Photo via Amazon)

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