Sean Hannity Attacks Hillary And Obama Statements On Weinstein

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Sean Hannity took Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to task Tuesday after they waited days to issue brief statements about alleged predator Harvey Weinstein.


Hannity points out the fact that Weinstein had given millions to Democrats in political donations, and points out Hillary Clinton’s own shoddy track record on sexual abuse.

“They’ve known Weinstein for years, and they’ve been more than happy to take all their money to run their campaigns,” he said. The Fox New host also criticized Clinton for taking money from Muslim countries that mistreat women.

“Countries that support Sharia? Maybe they bought her silence, remember? She never criticized those countries that treat women, gays lesbians, Christians and Jews horribly. Did Weinstein buy her silence also?” Hannity asked.

“Obama loves to opine about culturul controversies,” Hannity said, criticizing Obama for taking money from the alleged predators and pointing out the time Michelle Obama praised Weinstein.

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