These Are All The Women Who Have Accused Harvey Weinstein Of Abuse — So Far

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company)

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This is every woman who has accused Harvey Weinstein of abuse. So far.

The latest to accuse the former Hollywood producer of abuse is Cara Delevigne, who had a run in with Weinstein when she was working on her movie Valerian.

These women in Hollywood have been brave enough to come out and talk about their experience with this disgusting human. Now we must hope he gets what he deserves, but he is clearly a coward because he has already fled the country.

Weinstein is a sad excuse for a man, and his wife has clearly realized that considering she’s already kicked him to the curb. Although its hard to imagine she did not already know what he was up to.

Unfortunately, all of these women were forced to work with one of the grossest humans in America before his crimes were brought out into the open.