This Guy On Jeopardy Is On An 11-Day Tear And Shows No Sign Of Stopping

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Austin Rogers, a 38 year old bartender from upper Manhattan, is on an 11-day winning streak on Jeopardy. So far he has won well over $400,000.

It might be the most impressive thing I’ve seen since Nick Saban pulled off a perfect drift on a go-cart.

I’ve been with Austin since day 1. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge Jeopardy girl. It’s the quickest way to unwind after a long day while also enriching your brain with some cocktail party knowledge. So when I first saw this guy back in September, I took note. I know a champ when I see one. And Austin is it.

On his first appearance, he dropped his clicker because he was so excited to win a Daily Double. He also let out a string of expletives. On Jeopardy. Savage move. Not even Trebek minded.

Everyone take notes. This is a 17 minute clip of what a champion looks like. I will be referencing it frequently for the rest of my time on earth.

On the second day, he referenced Caddyshack which is a natural win in my book. It totally went over Trebek’s head but I’ll let it slide.

He has electric outbursts when he (rarely) gets something wrong, and really cool celebrations when he nails a question. He even orders Trebek around like he’s running the show (he is).

He’s also clearly a fan favorite. One guy in the crowd couldn’t contain his excitement when Austin won $69,000 in one day.


Trebek can’t even contain his developing admiration for Austin. “He’s got hair, he’s got chutzpah, and broad based knowledge. A bit of a showman in him. Our champion, Austin.”

It’s not just Trebek that loves him, though. He’s been interviewed on Good Morning America and CNBC, and is James Corden’s new favorite person.

He does have some haters, namely one loser who’s just tired of winning:

But he’s obviously mostly loved and widely regarded. And for good reason. He’s modest, charming, and completely out of control.

His secret to success is “being naturally intelligent and having an encyclopedic knowledge or everything [but] modesty is not a requisite for winning ‘Jeopardy!’. I mean, I have it, of course, but it’s not a requisite.”

Total baller.

If you care about your happiness, tune into Jeopardy tonight.

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