Colin Cowherd Has The Perfect Take On Whether Money Solves Problems

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Fox Sports pundit Colin Cowherd hit the nail on the head Thursday afternoon when he discussed if money can solve problems and resentment.

The conversation was centered around why NFL players don’t appear to get along with ownership as well as baseball players and basketball players, who make much more money.

However, his most eloquent points weren’t about sports, but about money in general.

“Folks, a lot of people make money. Attorneys make money, dentists make money, athletes make money, singers make money, your local business guy makes money. Money doesn’t solve resentment. Money doesn’t solve everything. If you make $32,000 a year, you might just think, ‘I’d like to make that a day. It’d solve everything.’ But after a year or two of making that money, you can only buy so many boats and own so many houses and have so many cars. Money doesn’t solve resentment,” Cowherd told his audience.

Every word that Cowherd spoke is 100 percent true, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes my entire life. I know people from all over the financial spectrum. I grew up with some people who where very poor, a lot of people in the middle and I grew up around some insanely wealthy individuals. There were happy and unhappy people in all three groups.

I have watched people spend their lives chasing money with the belief it was the only thing keeping them from being happy, getting the money and realizing much too late it wasn’t worth it.

There are also lots of very wealthy people who are truly happy deep down. From what I’ve seen, their happiness has a lot less to do with the money, and a lot more to do with finding something they were passionate about.

If you truly hate your life, there isn’t a big enough check in the world I could write you today that would ultimately make your life fulfilled. There are plenty of millionaires less happy with their lives than people with less money.

It’s nice to see Cowherd willing to speak the truth in an industry that thrives on the belief money is the ultimate success.

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