Emily Ratajkowski Speaks Out On Culture Of Abuse Following Weinstein Revelations

(Photo: Splash News)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski spoke out early Thursday morning about a culture of abuse after Harvey Weinstein’s alleged actions were exposed.

She posted a photo of a stitching on Instagram that read, “Boys will be boys (crossed out) held accountable for their f***king actions.”

She captioned the photo:

This culture of abuse, harassment and sexual expectation has to end now. I am tearful thinking of the decades of women who have been made to feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed by experiences that they had no responsibility in. The times are changing, and I applaud the extremely brave women who risked so much to be the first to speak out. Young girls of the world: wear what you want, pursue what you want, live life on your terms. Never let anyone make you feel guilty for it. You have no need to apologize or adapt. It’s their problem, not yours. @badasscrossstitch

You can expect more and more women to come out as details about the scandal ripping apart Hollywood continue to leak.

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