Jessie James Decker Addresses The Importance Of The National Anthem

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

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Country music star Jessie James Decker will always stand and sing for the national anthem, and she thinks you should too.

Decker made her opinion known about the national anthem with an emotional tribute to the military a few weeks ago, during which she pointed out that it’s about them and nobody else. On Thursday, the “Shoot Out The Lights” singer joined “Fox & Friends” and further explained why she loves our national anthem.

“I really love singing the national anthem. I’m the daughter of a military family. My dad is a general in the Air Force. I’ve been around the military my entire life — family members in the military, my grandfather fought in the Vietnam war, all my uncles fought in World War II,” Decker said. “For me, what the anthem means to me may be different than what it means to others. So, for me I like to stand.”

Decker doesn’t necessarily have a problem with people who don’t hold the anthem with the esteem that she does, but doesn’t understand why anyone would see it as anything but a tribute to our military.

“I never knew that it meant anything else, so for me I just figured the anthem is what it means,” Decker continued. “I didn’t understand that it meant something else to others.”

One of the show hosts pointed out that Decker was the perfect person to discuss the issue because she often sings the national anthem and her husband, Eric Decker, plays wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans.

Clearly Decker would like to see everyone stand, but we’ll just have to see how long the anthem protests continue after NFL owners discuss whether or not they will require players to stand.