‘South Park’ Takes On Mark Zuckerberg And Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg and Butters team up in the latest episode of “South Park” titled “Franchise Prequel.”


This episode follows the boys’ made-up super hero squad Coon and Friends from previous episodes. Fans have eagerly been waiting for the return of this goon squad.

Butters as the villain, Professor Chaos, begins to spread misinformation about the boys through Facebook to thwart their plans of starting a Netflix series. The misinformation seems to start problems in the town so the parents bring Mark Zuckerberg into town to speak. Misinformation is all the rage in the news these days thanks to nonstop chatter of Facebook and Russia meddling in our election.

Zuckerberg is portrayed in his plain T-shirt and jeans with rosy, red cheeks and, best of all, a robotic dubbed voice. This is the hit show’s first portrayal of the obnoxious liberal tech billionaire, and it’s great. Zuckerberg is shown as an obnoxious weirdo and repeatedly brags to the people of South Park saying, “You can’t block me.”

This is actually true in real life. If you try to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, it does not let you.

The people of the town hate Zuckerberg and call him a “penis” throughout the episode as he overstays his welcome. Finally, they ask the police if they can just shoot him, but they refuse. This joke is taking a jab at the report that Zuckerberg was annoying his neighbors in Hawaii with the giant wall around his fortress-like mansion. Ironic, considering he was so outspoken against Trump’s border wall.

Zuckerberg teams up with Butters to spread misinformation and the only people that can stop them are the Coon and Friends. The kids attack Zuckerberg, but he beats them down. Fortunately, they put it all on Facebook live where they painted him as racist for beating up a black kid. They defeat him the only way a tech billionaire could be stopped with their biggest fear — being portrayed as racist.

The racism angle is, once again, an attempt to mock how the media and people constantly try to pull back everything to racism. It makes people terrified of being accused of racism, even if there isn’t an ounce of evidence.

Another week of “South Park” and another home run. This season has included so much winning!

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