These Are The Most Notable Names In Sports Ranked [SLIDESHOW]

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Everyone loves sports and today we ranked the most powerful names in the industry. Jerry Jones takes the top spot on our list with Roger Goodell coming in second.

Other athletes made our list as well, such as LeBron James and Tom Brady. The list acknowledges all the people in sports this year who hav the most power.

Every name in the this list has  power in the industry, and they also have some of the biggest responsibilities. There have been many instances where these guys have come under a lot of scrutiny after certain things have happened with certain players and how they handle the situation.

Many of them handled the situation well, others may have been able to handle the situations not so well.

Check out our full list in this slideshow below and let us know what you think! We obviously didn’t forget about who might be the most important part of the sports world and that is the fans.

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Hannah Simmons