American Righteousness Has Lost Its Anchor

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The absolute “take down” zealotry that is permeating American society today is trending toward dangerous territory. What kind of people have we become? With a collective frenzied zest for “perfection” in all thoughts, politics, religion, speech and behavior we are reverting back to a mind set of superiority abhorred by Jesus. The unattainability of perfectly pure robotic conformity within all social mores leads to a non compos mentis community that ironically cultivates vice instead of virtue.

The once noble American quest for justice has become an American disgrace. Insolent hypocrisy has led the “court at large” to rush with rocks in hand to “righteously” stone the “sinner” with the weight of a public scorning.

Feigning virtue, the mobs, instead of rational, reasonable retribution based upon the law, seize and will not relinquish their prey until they are utterly devastated. They take the soul of the sinner, stamp it on Twitter, stomp it to pieces on Facebook and relentlessly sensationalize it with urgent news alerts. No revival, no air, no grace, no mercy, no life beyond the cleansing. These dark, sinister, godless energies permeate through televisions, radios and smartphones leaving a national epidemic of suicide and drug addiction in its wake.

It is with foolish pride that the avengers think they fare better than past “uncivilized” eras when radicals were stoned to death, nailed to the cross, burned, quartered, tarred and feathered, beheaded and hung from trees. Today the torture and shame is ruthlessly inflicted by an unyielding twenty-four- hour news cycle – a virtual stoning, burning and hanging.

The secular haven of American righteousness has lost its anchor — the ultimate arbiter of justice – God. Who on earth has the capability to know how God weighs sin. Is blood thirsty vengeance a virtue? Do vicious, viral attacks, simulating a pack of wolves devouring their prey, make the “righteous” better than the sinner?

“Ah, but ‘his’ sin is so much worse than ‘ours’.” Really? Perhaps God rates the act of judgment higher on the sin scale than other more salacious sins. Perhaps not. But only God knows the inner workings of the sinner’s heart which harbors fears, insecurities, abuses and confusion. We, alas, are not God. What would Jesus say? According to John 8:7, He says, “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

It is time for a collective deep breath and reflection upon Paul’s words in Romans 3:23, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Should light be shed upon darkness? Yes. Should justice reign within the court system? Yes. It is best, however, to let God be the final arbiter of the justice of the soul and society’s responses should not be steeped in irresponsible, inflamed, incessant hypocrisy — since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Janine Turner is an Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress best known for Northern Exposure and Friday Night Lights, an award winning director, a best-selling published author of two books, a speaker, columnist and frequent guest on news channels.

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