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Guam Moves To Restrict Vaping

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Joe Sylvester Contributor
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Benjamin J.F. Cruz, the Democratic Speaker of the Guam Legislature, has introduced legislation to amend a previous bill banning smoking. The 2005 Natasha Protection Act banned smoking in all public buildings, including workplaces, bars, restaurants and other public establishments. If Speaker Cruz’s legislation passes, the ban would extend to vaping.

A 2015 CDC study showed that the number of high school students vaping in Guam is 32 percent, nearly triple that of the U.S. national average. While even most anti-vaping advocates will admit that vaping is far safer than smoking (by as much as 95 percent), those in Guam are considering a disingenuous approach.

In 2016, the Governor of Guam vetoed a bill that would have increased the tobacco smoking age to 21. While the island territory launches a full out assault on vaping, it indirectly aids in conventional smoking by failing to restrict smoking even as empirical data shows its deadly effects.

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Joe Sylvester