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Kat Timpf: The Daily Vaper ‘Is My Life Now’

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Early Friday afternoon, Fox News personality Kat Timpf tweeted out a screenshot of a recent Daily Vaper article titled “‘OMG’ — Kat Timpf Shocked She’s The Big New Hit At The Daily Vaper.” Along with the screenshot, she wrote “So this is my life now”:

Kat’s right. Vaping is life. In fact, vaping will save the lives of millions and adds years to the lives of ex-smokers. Since The Daily Vaper works tirelessly to spread the gospel of vaping, it is a good thing that The Daily Vaper is a part of her life.

The fact that Kat made the decision to vape instead of smoking traditional cigarettes is a very responsible decision and should be applauded.

We need celebrities like Kat if we are going to win the fight to save vaping and save lives. Pro-vape news sites like The Daily Vaper and others would love to help her to spread her story. With great fame comes great responsibility:

We in the vaping community are proud to have Kat among us, speaking out in favor of vaping. While many celebrities vape, not all are willing to show it on social media and in public.

Kat is quickly becoming an icon to the vaping community, with some bestowing upon her honorifics such as “Vape Queen” and “Darth Vaper”:

Again, thanks for reading The Daily Vaper, Kat. We hope you like what we do here. And we are always open to any feedback you might have on how we can work together to fight for Americans’ right to vape. We are big fans of yours. Keep it up the great work, Vape Queen!