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‘OMG’ — Kat Timpf Shocked She’s The Big New Hit At The Daily Vaper

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Fox News’ Kat Timpf was apparently surprised to learn she’s become a bit of an icon in the vaping community. On Monday, Kat tweeted out a video of her vaping before an appearance on Kennedy Tonight. After we reported on this video, Kat posted the article to Instagram, along with the caption “How is this news?”

Because she asked the question, we felt obliged to answer. So I wrote an article explaining why Kat’s vaping was newsworthy to the Daily Vaper’s audience. According to a Thursday tweet, this surprised her:

As you can see, Kat posted my article on Twitter. Along with her tweet, she writes, “OMG.”

This amused Kat’s Twitter followers:

Here at The Daily Vaper, we are committed to vaping news. But we are also committed to giving the people what they want. They asked for an article about Kat’s reaction to my latest article. Here it is.

On this site, anything vaping-related is fair game. Especially, as I have pointed out, among celebrities and TV personalities who vape. Vapers need all the help we can get from people with influence to keep our life-saving product available for all people who wish to use it. It normalizes the act of vaping:

As long as Kat keeps making news that’s relevant to the vaping community, we’ll keep reporting it.

We reported on Kat vaping for the same reason we reported on Sean Hannity vaping late last month. It is good for vapers to know what figures in media they can relate to:

Furthermore, news like this (as well as social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram) allow for a dialogue between celebrities and their fans. For example, in my last article on Kat, I recommended one of my favorite e-juices, Cannoli Be One. As I wrote in my review, it is a cannoli-flavored e-juice that makes for a great all-day-vape. And based on my recommendation, it looks like Kat is going to try it:

Kat, let me know what you think as soon as you try Cannoli Be One! And thank you for reading The Daily Vaper. We hope you keep coming back for more recommendations, as well as for reviews, news and analysis of all that is going on in the world of vaping.