Laura Ingraham Blasts ‘Enemies’ — Antifa, La Raza, NFL Anthem Protesters And ‘Globalist’ GOP [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Talk show host and conservative commentator Laura Ingraham listed a number of “enemies” to Trump supporters during her speech at the Value Voters Summit Saturday.


Ingraham, speaking of a “nationalist agenda,” said, “If you are for Donald Trump and you are for that agenda, your enemies are the following, they’ve declared war on you.”

She then listed, “Antifa, you know, the fascist group. They call it antifascist but it is most fascist, La Raza, the NFL anthem squatters…most of the press corps, they’re of course against us, most of the entertainment industry, because we know they’re the moral arbiters of our time.”

Also listed was the “Democrat machine” and the “never-Trump globalist GOP and the consultancy and pundit class.”

Ingraham, a longtime Trump supporter, is set to start a Fox News Channel show at 10pm later this month, joining Sean Hannity and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson as part of Fox’s lineup.

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