Tillerson On Allegation He’s Been ‘Castrated’: ‘I’m Fully Intact’ [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated on CNN Sunday that he’s “fully intact” in response to Sen. Bob Corker’s suggestion he’s been “castrated” by Trump.


CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Tillerson, “You have a cattle ranch. You don’t want to say anything about the Senator suggesting you’ve been gelded before the world?”

Secretary Tillerson answered, “I checked. I’m fully intact.”

Tapper laughed and said, “I did not expect that answer.”

The secretary also expanded on Trump’s “unconventional” qualities, saying, “Jake, I think this is an unconventional president. He uses unconventional communication tools, uses unconventional techniques to motivate change. For those that have been around Washington a long time, this place doesn’t like change.”

“So, the president is simply trying to do that in his very unique style. He is very unique. I don’t think that’s any doubt that anyone sees him as the most unique president we’ve certainly ever seen in modern history, that we have recorded history of,” he added.

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