Paige VanZant Doesn’t Appear To Be Going Away Anytime Soon

David Hookstead | Reporter

UFC superstar Paige VanZant pulled out of UFC 216 at the last moment, but she doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

VanZant posted a photo of herself in workout gear Monday night on Instagram. There’s no doubt she still looks like she’s in fighting shape.

I was very disappointed when VanZant pulled out of UFC 216. I had waited for nearly a year to see the UFC’s darling fight again. She’s an electric factory in the octagon, and the UFC needs her fighting.

Pulling out of UFC 216 made me very worried. I started to wonder if her fighting career was truly over. Well, it looks like she’s already doing her best to remind everybody that she’s not going anywhere. That’s great news for UFC fans everywhere.

We just need to finally get her back in the octagon beating people up. The people want it, and we all know you give the people what they’re starving for.

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