MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: Is Dem Health Care Plan ‘Too Good To Be True’? [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said to failed Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine that Democrat’s healthcare plans sound “too good to be true.”


On MSNBC’s “Meet The Press Daily,” the host asked Kaine, “Look, I get that and it sounds like an interesting potential stopgap. But let me–you claim no new taxes. At all. You can’t tell me this doesn’t add to the taxpayer’s bill at all. Are you really telling me … ”

“Yeah,” Kaine affirmed.

“You are proposing this, it will cover more people and it will not cost the American government more money,” adding, “Do you understand why that sounds, like, too good to be true?”

Kaine answered, “I understand you are a smart journalist and that’s a good to ask me, but let me give you the answer. We would leave in place the existing network of taxes and subsidies for people whose incomes are low, that stays in place and doesn’t change. By creating a lower cost option if people choose it, they will save money and that will save money on the subsidies that have to be paid.”

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