Pence: ‘Priority’ Of Tax Reform Is Middle Class Relief [AUDIO]

(Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images)

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday that the “priority” of President Trump’s tax reform plan is to provide economic relief to the middle class.


Pence discussed the tax plan during an interview with WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall.”

“We’ve seen estimates that 25 percent of the middle class could see something of a tax hike if the numbers settle out in the same spots,” cohost and Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese asked. “Should or will anybody in the middle class pay more under the Trump tax plan?”

“I think the president’s made very clear that the priority here is tax cuts for the middle class,” Pence replied. “It’s to ensure that working families experience the kind of savings in their taxes that, as the president said, could average in some cases up to $4,000 a year.”

“We think the real focus of this will be on middle class Americans and that combined with the business tax cuts…we think are going to create real economic growth and prosperity,” he said.

“People listening right now are like, ‘great middle class tax cuts,’ but everybody thinks they’re middle class,” cohost Mary Walter asserted. “So how do you define middle class?”

“Well I mean I’m in it, I shop at Joseph A. Banks,” Pence joked. “I got student loans for my kids.”

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