Scaramucci Apologizes For Twitter Holocaust Poll

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Anthony Scaramucci apologized Tuesday after The Scaramucci Post Twitter account posted a poll asking how any Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

Scaramucci tweeted the poll early Tuesday and asked, “How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust?” The answers ranged from “less than one million” to “more than 5 million.”

Scaramucci said the poll was posted by his social media director and was intended to raise Holocaust awareness. It has since been deleted.

“It is the Scaramucci post and the buck stops with me,” he said in a statement posted to Twitter. “I take responsibility for it and put systems in place to to ensure something like this cannot and will not happen again. I am pained imagining that my post led anyone to believe I am giving comfort to Holocaust deniers.”

“If anyone was offended by this act, you have both my sincere personal apology and commitment that it will never happen again,” the apology concluded.

Scaramucci further said that he would not be firing his social media director over the incident, and instead would be donating $25,000 to The Simon Wiesenthal Center.

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