This Comedian Might Regret His Drunken Defense Of Harvey Weinstein

(Picture by: Steven Hirsch / Splash News)

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Donnell Rawlings drunkenly defended Harvey Weinstein on Monday night, and he might be regretting it by now.

TMZ tracked the comedian down outside the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood on Monday, where the former “Chappelle’s Show” star made the case for why Weinstein’s career is far from over.

“The reason why people will work with Harvey Weinstein — and this might be a too-soon observation, not a joke — but the reason why — and you know, I might be ostracized from this business — 29 women had issues with Harvey Weinstein, but at least 1,000 women didn’t have issues,” Rawlings explained. “So, where does the casting couch net go?”

“This may sound crazy, and this is why I wanna say to all the women out there: Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood entertainment. Prepare yourself to be disrespected by men, but your job is to rebute [sic] any of that sh*t.”

“Harvey Weinstein is Hollywood. … He used to be, he still will be,” he continued, claiming Weinstein will still see success in the movie business. “There’s no reason why Harvey Weinstein can’t pick up a phone and still be influential to some other stuff.”

The inebriated comedian then gave a warning to women in Hollywood to expect behavior like Weinstein’s in certain situations.

“Women understand this: If a man flies you across the country, he has a sign for you, he has a suite set up for you, he has chocolates, he has champagne and he says all this sh*t, you gotta understand somebody is gonna pay for that. Be smart.”

As for whether or not Rawlings will work with Weinstein, he has only one condition.