Meghan McCain Blasts Congresswomen And Panel For ‘Politicizing Military Deaths’ [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain blasted Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson and co-hosts on “The View” for “politicizing military deaths.”

“This is a really hard one for me on a lot of different levels. The first thing I want to say is we don’t know the context of this phone call,” McCain said during the panel discussion Wednesday about a phone call President Donald Trump made to the widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson, who was killed in Niger. Wilson claims Trump was disrespectful to the widow and claimed Trump said, “He [Johnson] knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway.”

“Both of them say they have proof of what was said. I would love to hear that proof,” she added. “I know the mother of the widow has confirmed what the congresswoman said, but President Trump also could have possibly been recording this. So I would like to hear the context of that call. Politicizing military deaths on both sides is a new low for America right now, in every way.” (RELATED: Fight Breaks Out On ‘The View’ Over Why Hillary Lost)

“Again if the congresswoman comes and says ‘here’s the recording, here’s what he said’ and it is as craven as its coming out in the media,” she continued. ” The problem is she’s [Wilson] part of resistance. She didn’t vote for President Trump. She didn’t attend the inauguration. There’s politics on both sides. Someone died for our freedom to sit on this show right now, so let’s talk about what’s important.”

Whoopi Goldberg went silent for a minute and then continued to rant against the president.

Later in the segment when the congresswoman called in, McCain called her out and noted that it was a private conversation between the president and the widow.

“You know congresswoman, I am very uncomfortable with all of this,” McCain said. “I don’t like the cheering of calling our president a liar. I don’t like cheering talking about a man who has given his life for our freedom. This was a private call between the widow and the president. Why did you feel the need to speak out?”

Wilson tried to explain that she shared with the press because they asked, but McCain wasn’t having it.

“But just because they asked, isn’t necessarily your role to answer,” McCain responded. “I mean this is deeply private and personal.”