Sports Illustrated Just Hit Us With Another Plus Size Model – Stop The Insanity

Ashley Graham Getty Images/Fernando Leon

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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This insanity with Sports Illustrated and plus-size models took another turn Wednesday morning when they announced rookie Kate Wasley.

As always, what I’m about to say doesn’t apply to regular women, I’m kind of fat myself and I have always defended the rights of attractive women.


This garbage continues to be out of control. Look, Wasley isn’t nearly as bad as some of the women that have been forced on the audience before. It still doesn’t matter.


Nobody is saying there’s anything wrong with fat people. That’s as obvious as it comes. What I’m saying is that the consumer of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit audience is overwhelmingly male. They’re buying the magazine to see some hot babes in bikinis. They’re not spending their money to see women similar to those walking down the street. It makes absolutely no sense.

We also shouldn’t be celebrating unhealthy lifestyles. I don’t expect anybody to look at my beer belly and tell me I now deserve to be a model so that all body types are celebrated.

For the love of everything that is righteous in this world, please stop this madness Sports Illustrated.


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