This Is The Most Absurd Sequence Of Handshakes I’ve Ever Seen

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

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Even though J.R. Smith and Kyrie Irving are playing for different teams now, the two NBA stars are still homies and all you need as proof is their handshake at center court before their game Tuesday night.

Smith and Irving served as captains for their respective teams and when they met with the refs before the game, their respect for one another showed through their handshake.

It was also the most hilarious sequence of handshakes I’ve seen since President Obama shook hands with the coaches of the USA basketball team and went for the full-on dap when he got to Kevin Durant.

Just like the Obama shake, the Smith and Irvings handshake by itself is what it is. But when you see it compared to the straight handshakes they each gave to the refs, it’s downright hilarious.

And after the game Kyrie showed NBA fans there’s no bad blood between he and his former teammates by dapping up the entire squad.

Real recognize real I guess.