WATCH: Chinese Tourist Tries Jumping Off Cruise Ship After Dropping Phone In Ocean

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Video shows a Chinese tourist trying to jump off a cruise ship after apparently dropping her phone in the ocean.


Video sharing website LiveLeak states the video was, “captured in Dali City in southwestern Yunnan Province on October 14.”

This woman also apparently tried to do this because she had “important documents” stored on her cell phone.

I’m just fascinated by this woman’s overall thought process, to be honest.

I’ve been on a cruise ship before, and the drop is huge, even from the lower decks, so she would probably get hurt. Even if she didn’t hurt herself, it would be nearly impossible to find her phone in the water because, you know, the ocean is pretty deep.

And even if she did miraculously find her phone, I think the water might already have ruined it. But let’s just say that somehow she didn’t get hurt on the jump, she found her phone, and it was working perfectly. If she did manage to get back on the ship, the crew would probably have locked her in the brig for jumping for the duration of the cruise.

Which begs another question–do cruise ships have “brigs?” Like, the kind that you get thrown in when you’re a sailor and your boat has been taken over by a gang of pirates? I honestly don’t know.

Finally, these touristy cruise ships usually have huge bars. Why not visit one of those to relax? So many questions.

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